10 Tips for Designing a Better Bathroom

Functionality and Practicality

  1. Firstly, your bathroom must be designed with the water mains in mind. For example, a one-wet-wall layout is a design where the sink, toilet and shower are all along the same wall. This is the cheapest design, but also the most limiting. A three-wet-wall layout is the most complicated and expensive, but allows for the most functionality, allowing water facets on any side of the bathroom.
  1. Plan around how many people will be using the bathroom. An on suite bathroom for a couple may have twin sinks and an extended shower with 2 sides. Or if you are a bachelor one sink and a compact shower is all you would need.
  2. Consider where lighting is best placed in your bathroom. Having a border of lights around the mirror is a great addition. It will illuminate your face from all sides, never leaving you in the dark. If you go for the traditional ceiling mounted lighting, there are many interesting ways to go about it. Even a small funky chandelier is a great way to add some style to your bathroom. Enclosed showers would need their own vapour-proof lighting fitted.
  3. There are several different types of bath tubs each with their own practicality and statement in your bathroom. A corner mounted bath tub for example, is a great use of available space. While a freestanding bath tub can be placed as the focal point to, your bath room but if it is too small a space, a tad impractical. There is also the shower bath combo that is not always the most aesthetically pleasing option but is a very practical solution. Just get creative with your shower curtain. Luxury bathtubs can get really expensive, but hot tub style bath tubs are really great additions that turn your bathroom into the ultimate relaxation space.
  4. If it happens to fall within budget, spa-like showers a great adding and a real luxury for any bathroom. Multifaceted shower designs make the showering process a pleasure and a joy while at the same time aesthetically pleasing. A rain like shower head on the ceiling with water facets on the walls engulfs your body in water from all angles, there is nothing better.
  5. Consider the type of storage you would need and then choose a sufficient cabinet to suit. Sink cabinet combos are very practical designs that fit in most bathrooms, but the style of cabinet should also match the theme of your bathroom.


  1. When choosing the textures for the floor and walls of your bathroom, water proof is the obvious must. Marble tiles are perhaps the most aestheticallypleasing choice but can be a little pricey. Stone and ceramic tiles are also a beautiful choice. Just do not buy carpeting for a bathroom for obvious water proofing reasons. Also bear in mind that slip resistant flooring is also a must. Any tile with a matt instead of a glossy finish is preferred as a tile with a glossy finish will be slippery when wet. Choose a tile that fits in with the theme of your bathroom, there are many shapes, patterns and colours of tile so finding just the right one should not be too difficult.
  2. Adding other luxuries such as a sound system, television, under floor heating for the winter months or even a fireplace can turn your bathroom into a real haven of total relaxation. Why not make your bathroom a beautiful space to unwind from a long day’s work.
  3. Colour is an important factor when designing any space. As we know colour evokes mood, so choose the mood and then the appropriate colour scheme.
  4. Adding plants around your bathroom is a nice way to add a fresh natural feel. Of course they should be indoor plants that thrive in low sunlight, such as succulents. landscaping services contractors will be able to suggest what is best for you.