Best Jobs for Business Majors

Best Jobs for Business Majors

Many students take business majors because they want to be a great entrepreneur. Business majors really offer important skills that you may not get when you study in school. Most of the companies prefer to recruit employees with the business major background. They believe that these people will give a very significant contribution to the company. But, what are the best jobs for business majors? Suppose you want to get a job for business majors, you may try these positions.


Accountants are experts in accounting who are tasked with preparing, guiding, supervising, inspecting, and improving bookkeeping and administration of companies or government agencies. Every company needs an accountant to manage the company finance. Usually, this position is filled by female employees.

Business consultant

Many students who graduate from management business major work as business consultants. There are also those who go abroad and apply for multinational companies. Their salary varies, depending on the company regulation. If you are lucky to be accepted into a large company, then the salary is usually relatively high, but if you apply to a startup or a company, you may only get a small salary.

Business Marketing

Marketing management as the name implies focuses on marketing strategy. How to manage product marketing, advertising, target markets, and so on. In essence, you will be trained to be a company marketer so that people can buy your company’s products. For those who take a business major, they can also become a salesman that is similar to a marketer.

Finance Manager

Basically, a finance manager is similar to accountants because they both manage money. However, they may have different tasks or jobs. Finance focuses on getting and receiving money, while accounting is more about recording and grouping all transactions made by finance. Finance manager is the same department as an accountant. In a certain case, the finance manager also has the same jobs as an accountant and they work together.

Human Resource

The HR management as the name implies will deal with human resources and how to make human resources in a company effective and efficient, and work optimally. Increase employee happiness, employee capacity, liaison between employees and the top parties, and so on. In essence, the concentration of HR management will not be far from managing and streamlining human resources in an organization/company.

Bank Front Officer

If the consultant management belongs to the back-office, the business major can also work at the front-office such as tellers and customer service. This is also suitable for management graduates, many companies also accept other majors to fill this position because this position is actually easy to do and the company can train them.


The last job for a business major graduate is an entrepreneur.  In this case, you make your own business. During college, students with business major are trained to have a high entrepreneurial spirit. If you are a person who does not like working as an employee, then become an entrepreneur and start your own business from the start.

Insurance Agent

Insurance Agents providing business insurance needs to be well-versed in a variety of business concepts. They work with numbers, and follow strict guidelines to give their customers a good value for their money. They need to ask questions and also be good sales people in order to sustain a successful career.