Boost Your Efficiency: 10 Creative Ways to Increase Your Productivity with a Screen Recorder

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Having a screen recorder is a welcome tool for people who need recordings for work or recreational purposes. You want to be sure that you can ensure maximizing efficiency with screen recording, though, and increase productivity with your staff. 


Screen recording techniques


Let’s take a look at some of the creative techniques you can use to maximize your screen recorder’s usage. These productivity tips will help you take maximum advantage of your screen recorder.


1. Create tutorials


One of the things you can do to maximize productivity with a free screen recorder for Windows is create tutorials for regular or routine tasks. Run through the steps of things that you have to do in your work or educational life, and take advantage of the features that recorders offer, including typing and drawing on screen.


2. Create a database


We’ve all heard of databases for files. What about a database based on visual information? Particularly if you’re working in marketing or need to illustrate how to create templates and use specific kinds of software, screen recorders can help you significantly.


3. Eliminate mistakes automatically


No one likes having to go back through processes to look for errors and eliminate them manually. When you create videos that can illustrate team members’ mistakes and show how they came about step-by-step, you can go a long way towards eliminating systemic errors or errors that particular staff members might be unconsciously repeating.

4. Update training methods


When you create videos for staff onboarding and training procedures on a regular basis, you will much more easily be able to keep your team members up-to-date on important training procedures that affect various aspects of your operations.


5. Customize your workflow


Many workplaces have similar kinds of things that they have to accomplish. Nonetheless, each workplace is also unique in its techniques, approach, and offerings. You can make video recordings of things like your sales pitches, standard company messages, and particular marketing campaign messages so that your staff can review and build upon them.


6. Use time-lapse videos to get a broader sense of your productivity


We’ve all seen how time-lapse videos can provide insight into things like traffic patterns and urban electricity usage. Doing the same thing for your workday can be an interesting way to gain insight into the dynamics of your staff productivity.


7. Create tutorials for software


Most companies find that everyone but the IT guy struggles with learning software. If you create illustrative videos for learning software step-by-step, it will make daily life infinitely easier for the people you work with.


8. Help your staff with communications


With the use of videos, you can help your staff learn more effective ways to communicate and relay your company message. Writing things down is helpful, but making it clear with the use of video is much more helpful.


9. Keep a journal


Keeping track of your daily experiences – if even only briefly every day – can be a great way to gain a better sense of your overall level of productivity and what you need to improve upon.


10. Propose DIY ideas


There are things that staff members can do themselves, of course. And videos are a great way to illustrate this. You can keep your staff motivated and confident in their ability to put things together through the use of DIY.


Maximize your benefits


These screen recording techniques and others should help you maximize the benefits you gain from your screen recorder. Be sure to keep an open mind and keep looking out for new ways to be productive.