Everything to know about NEC and Online Electrical Education

NEC 15 Hour Electrical Course

Everything to know about NEC and Online Electrical Education

NEC was developed by the NFPA National Electrical Code Committee, which is composed of 20 code development groups and a technology-related committee. It was officially identified as ANSI / NFPA 70. 

NEC’s work is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association. NEC online electrical education is approved as an American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

Foundation of NEC

NEC was first released in 1897, and is updated, and released every three years, and the 2020 version is the latest. Most states adopt the latest version within a few years of its publication. As with any “uniform” code, jurisdictions may periodically omit or modify certain parts, or add requirements (sometimes based on previous versions of NEC or locally accepted practices). However, even if the local code is not updated, no court accuses anyone of using the latest version of NEC.


In the United States, anyone, including cities that issue building permits, may face civil liability lawsuits for negligence that causes loss of life or property. Those who do not follow known best security practices are considered negligent. 


This responsibility and the desire to protect residents has prompted cities to adopt and enforce building codes that set standards and practices for electrical systems (and other sectors such as water and gas systems). This creates a system in which the city can better avoid litigation by adopting a single standard building code law. 


This has led to the NEC online electrical education to become the de facto standard for electrical requirements. Licensed electricians will spend many years learning and practicing the NEC requirements before becoming licensed. 


The custom dismantling and dismantling (D&D) extension of the electrical code standard defined by the National Electrical Code is a facility developed because current engineering standards and code requirements did not adequately address the unique situation that occurred during D&D activities from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). 


Additional guidance is needed to clarify current electrical specifications in these situations. This guidance document provides guidance on how to interpret the selected provisions of NFPA 70 “National Electrical Code” (NEC), in particular, certain provisions in Article 590 “Temporary Power Supply”, for D&D electrical activities at the sites of the DOE. 


NEC online electrical education also contains information on the official definition of HAZLOC and relevant standards given by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as information on handling hazardous locations such as explosive atmospheres. 

Public Access 

NEC online electrical education is available as a bound book containing approximately 1000 pages. It has been provided in electronic form since the 1993 edition. Although the code is updated every three years, some jurisdictions did not immediately adopt the new version. 


NEC can also be used as a restricted digital coding template, which can be read online for free on specific computer platforms that support restricted viewing software; however, this digital version cannot be saved, copied, or printed. 


In the United States, statutory law is not protected by copyright, and anyone can freely access and copy it. When an organization develops a new coding model, but it is not legally accepted by any jurisdiction, it is still the private property of the standards organization, and readers may restrict downloading or printing text for viewing offline. 


To obtain this privilege, the encryption model must still be purchased in print or electronic format (such as PDF). Once the encryption model is accepted into law, it loses copyright protection and can be obtained for free. 

Contents of NEC online electrical testing course

The NEC online electrical testing course consists of 9 chapters, each of which is divided into four groups: general requirements; specific requirements; Communication systems, and forms. 


 Chapter 1: General 

 Chapter 2: Wiring and protection 

 Chapter 3: Wiring methods and materials 

 Chapter 4: General equipment 

 Chapter 5: Special purpose 

 Chapter 6: Special equipment 

 Chapter 7: Special conditions 

 Chapter 8: Communication System 

 Chapter 9: Table Conductor and Cable Tray Specifications 

2020 NEC Update Overview 

States Adopting 2020 NEC changes 


  •  Connecticut 
  •  Idaho 
  •  Iowa 
  •  Maine 
  •  Nebraska 
  •  New Hampshire 
  •  New Mexico 
  •  North Carolina 
  •  Ohio 
  •  Oregon 
  •  Rhode Island 
  •  Utah 
  •  Vermont 



  •  Colorado 
  •  Georgia 
  •  Massachusetts 
  •  Minnesota 
  •  North Dakota 
  •  South Dakota 
  •  Texas 
  •  Washington 
  •  Wyoming 


For more information, you can see “NEC Compliance” from the NFPA ( National Fire Protection Association ). Always verify applicable information with local regulatory agencies or other authorized professionals. 


2020 NEC Online Education major regulatory changes


  • Every 125–250V receptacle under 6 feet of sinks 


 Notable spaces include: 

 – Laundry areas 

 – Kitchens 

 – Unfinished basements 

 – Finished basements 

 – Outdoor outlets 150V to ground or less and up to 50 amps 


Applies to: 

 – Ranges within 6 feet of sinks 

 – Electric dryers – Dishwashers 

 – Sump pumps 

 – Pool motors 

 – Equipment that needs service. For example, HVAC and refrigeration units.



Notable spaces include: 

 – Indoor damp and wet locations 

 – Permanent fixtures for cooking 

 – Permanent provisions for food preparation 

 – Accessory buildings 


Applies to: 

 – Dishwashers 

 – Drinking fountains 

 – Sump pumps 

 – Pool motors 

 – Equipment that needs service. For example, HVAC and refrigeration units.


15-hour NEC Course

The 15-hour NEC course, designed by NFPA and renowned subject matter experts, will guide you through more than 900 changes. Based on NEC 2020 update, the NEC online course aims to cover many aspects of NEC online electrical education and make everyone interested in a variety of regulatory topics, from grounding, residential wiring, industrial electrical services to swimming pools, healthcare wiring, and circuits, and fire alarm supplies. 


It is a fast-paced course with a lot of information to review. This is definitely a great value for your investment in electrical knowledge.


Anything involving people related to electrical installation, including electrical engineers, safety managers, electricians, electrical contractors, plant managers, facility maintenance etc. join this online electrical course.


NEC online electrical education allows you to learn about important changes to the NEC requirements at your own pace and in a convenient way. So, now you know everything there is to know about NEC online electrical courses that would help you in the long run. Before you sign up for a testing engagement, be sure to find a reputable business listing their courses.