Kitchen Flooring Options

Homeowners often don’t give enough thought about flooring plans. Usually when it comes to remodeling floors homeowners want to give it a personal touch. A personal touch can range from colors to textures. Choosing the proper floor does not only involve color and texture, but durability as well. The kitchen is an area of the home that has a lot of traffic and tracks dirt easily. There are several design build remodeling options available to style your kitchen floor and hardwood is the most popular.

Hardwood Flooring: Is one of the most durable types of flooring. When thinking of durability it’s important to remember how much action occurs in the kitchen. Wear and tear over the years impact the flooring plan in a major way. Hardwood floors remain durable, sturdy and easy to maintain even after years have passed. Potential buyers will appreciate not having to invest in a new floor every few years and this will add value to the home. Accommodating the needs of small children and the elderly is important. Homes with children most likely have hardwood floors to prevent damaging, staining and provide safety. Allergies are becoming more popular even among the youth, but hardwood floors alleviate the stress of dust build up. Hardwood flooring is easy to clean. With a simple broom or mop the dust will vanish.

Tiles: Another popular option for kitchen flooring is tiling. It can be very expensive to install tiles to the floor especially if they are marble. Home owners like to go the cheap route by gluing tiles to the floor. Tiles have to be replaced every few years, which can cost more money than anticipated.

Carpet: Installing a carpet in the kitchen may not be the brightest idea.  Many spills and accidents occur while cooking in the kitchen. Stain removal as well as installation can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the size. Carpets trap a lot of odors and need to be cleaned often, which can create more of a hassle for the home owner.

The same is true for commercial establishments like hotels in Chatham MA. Cleaning the floor becomes a herculean task for you, if you are going in for a carpet in the kitchen.

After evaluating the flooring options hardwood floors have ruled in as most popular for the past two decades. The best way to have a hardwood floor installed is by hiring a professional. Buying glue and materials from a local hardware store will not ensure durability or quality. Specialists are highly trained to install flooring so that it’s durable, clean and of high quality.