Mosquito Control Tips. Are Mosquitos Bites Dangerous?

Mosquito Control

Mosquito is a dangerous tiny animal since it transfers disease, some of which are deadly. A mosquito bite is very annoying, but for some sensitive people, it can be a serious issue. Mosquito is getting active during dusk and dawn. Even though we learn that mosquito bites, but the fact is only female mosquitoes that are out for blood.

The mosquito-borne disease

Mosquito bites are associated with diseases because when a mosquito bites, it transmits saliva into human skin. Thus, the virus and bacteria infect humans and cause severe illness. In may part of the world, infected mosquito transmit the West Nile virus, encephalitis, zika virus, and more to human. The mosquito bite also causes mosquito-borne infections such as dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya, and even brain infections.

The symptoms of a mosquito bite

The common mosquito bite symptom is a large area of itching in the skin. Some minute after getting bitten, the skin will become puffy, redness, and also hard to touch. If you continue to scratch the itchy area, small blisters will appear and the spot becomes dark.

More severe reactions of mosquito bites include fever, confusion, and dizziness. If the symptoms develop into flu-like symptoms after two days to two weeks after getting bitten, it is important to immediately see a doctor. This can be the chance that you get infected of certain diseases from the mosquito such as dengue fever, chikungunya, and more.

Who has a higher chance of getting bitten?

Mosquito locks the target through the combination of exhaled carbon dioxides, scent, and also the chemical compounds in a person’s sweat. When she finds the suitable prey, she will look for uncovered skin area and inserts her needle-like mouth or known as proboscis to draw the blood from the victim.

Even though anyone can get mosquito bites, but mosquitoes have their preference when it comes to the victim. Here is some type of people who have a higher chance of getting mosquito bites.


  • men
  • People with overweight or obese
  • pregnant women
  • People with blood O type
  • People who emit a higher amount of lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia
  • People who  recently exercise
  • People who recent drink beer
  • People who wear darker color clothes because it attracts heat
  • People with a higher allergic reaction

Preventing mosquito bites

Even though mosquito bites are dangerous, but the risk of getting infected a disease due to the bites are relatively small. Only infected mosquitoes are able to transmit diseases to human. However, you can also prevent mosquito bites using simple methods such as:


  • Cover as much skin as possible when you are outside especially where mosquitoes are active
  • Use mosquito repellent on exposed skin
  • Installing screens on doors and windows at home and when sleeping outdoors
  • Discard any standing water around the house such as a birdbath, roof gutters, pots, and such.


You may seek the services of a Mosquito Control professional. You may also spray insecticides to get rid of mosquitoes in and around the house and garden. Make sure that the insecticide that you are using is specifically made for mosquito so that other pets or plants do not get the effects.