Small Guide on Cost of Setting Business in Dubai, UAE

Are you curious to know the cost of registering a business in Dubai? Experts come to Dubai, follow their dreams, and have a better life. 

Many factors are essential for business setup in Dubai, and according to those factors, the cost is decided. The initial setup cost is a crucial factor that will keep you moving. 

Cost of Business Setup in Dubai Freezone

If you plan to start a business in one of Dubai’s many Free Zones, be aware that each Free Zone has its procedures and fees. Many free zones also have minimum capital investment requirements that a business owner must have if they intend to start a business in a free zone, rather than branching out from an existing business. Another expense of doing business in the Dubai Free Zone is sponsoring business workers and providing them with the appropriate visas and documents to stay in Dubai.

Businesses need to consider the potential costs of importing goods into the UAE. Customs in Dubai has comprehensive guidelines for all types and costs associated with importing goods into the UAE. If a company intends to trade within the GCC, it will cost less, thanks to the recently established GCC Common Market, promoting trade and employment among GCC residents.

Cost of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

The cost of starting a business on the continent depends on factors such as Business permits, Visa, and Property. However, several other operational prices that add to costs include:

  • Mandatory state fees.
  • It includes legal fees, commercial licenses, and registrations with government departments. All of these fees can be paid annually.
  • Costs to put in business
  • It includes amounts for document filing, inspection understanding, etc. It is a one-time fee.
  • You are required to provide an annual sponsorship fee, a yearly company fee, a trade fee, and a visa fee per person.

Cost of Setting up a Business

Before business setup in Dubai, every type of business needs to analyze startup costs. Dubai’s duty-free nature is an attractive trait for entrepreneurs around the world. 

Initial Approval / Instant Approval, Trade Name Approval, Office Lease, Contract Making and Court Approval Certification, Statute Certification, Municipal Waste, Administration Service Fees, Ministry of Economic Fees, Business Permits, and others. Cost of starting a company or enterprise in Dubai. Some of the annual expenses you have to cover are business license fees, chamber of commerce fees, trade service repair fees, and market fees.

Cost of Business License

It is also essential to know that the business license or license must be renewed once a year if additional costs are considered. Other additional charges for starting your business can include office rent, insurance, and equipment. Registering a Dubai company is relatively easy, but our Dubai lawyers provide full support and legal assistance. Dubai lawyers can help in setting up a business.


Having a business or company of own is the dream of many, especially in the UAE region. But for starting a new business, you will require some amount of capital. So after reading this content, all your doubts will become apparent, and you can set your business in UAE without much expense. Various steps require costs. Therefore, having a clear idea of the costs in prior is fundamental. You can also take the help of a business setup consultant in Dubai if you are confused about the business setup cost and process.