When is time to get a divorce

Getting a divorce is one of the hardest decisions a person can ever make but sometimes it is the only option. Nobody gets married thinking they are going to go separate ways at some point and people sometimes take to long to recognize a separation is for the best. It is not a matter of giving up too easily, but not everything is worth fighting for and letting go is also a sign of strength and self – love. Although it is always recommended to give all you got to try to save the relationship, we need to learn to identify when its time to stop for the best of both parts and the kids, if any.

Lack of commitment

There are occasions when one of the parts is not engaged in the idea of trying to recover the relationship. They just say yes to trying just to amuse the other person without really wanting to. Either if you are the person who wants to try or wants to fail, it is important to know how to spot this in yourself or the other person. We can convince ourselves that we want to do it just not to hurt the other person but in the end, we end up hurting them and ourselves more. Also, we need to know when to stop for both of you. if you are the other part, you have to be the brave one to call it quits. It is easier said than done of course, but it is not impossible and with time, you will see it is the best thing for you.

One plus one equals three

It is hard to admit it but if there is someone else involved, that is a very strong sign of lack of love and respect. We like to justify ourselves and our partners saying it is a face or a moment of weakness but we are all capable as adults to control those moments. If they were not able to do it once, they will not be able to control themselves ever and that shows love is just not there anymore and most importantly, there is no longer respect for the feelings and mental and physical health of the other person.

There is no reason to continue a relationship, of any kind if you don’t feel it is worth it. If there is a lack of respect, love and/or commitment, it is for the best to leave it before the pain gets unbearable. We often think that the pain of letting go is greater but that is not the case. Staying next to a person that you don’t want to be anymore could be and, more often than not, turns into a nightmare. We should never put ourselves in the position of being mistreated. We must be always our number one priority and have some empathy for the people around us. All of these things are hard to do and will be painful no matter how you do it or say it but it is a matter of doing it sooner so the healing process doesn’t take that long.