Why should you shrink wrap your boat?

So, why should you shrink wrap your boat? Because Boat Butler, a boat professional on Cape Cod said, “there is no better way to prevent damage, erosion and deterioration than a skin-tight seal.”

There comes a time in the life of many boats where their services are not needed for a while and must be placed in storage. While it can seem like a daunting task, developing an extensive plan to ensure everything is taken care of properly can relieve some of the stress and provide peace of mind knowing that the boat is protected. There are so many things to remember but following the plan is a sure way of knowing that everything is covered.

Tarp or Wrap?

Preparing a boat to be stored for any reason requires a detailed checklist and close scrutiny. Keep in mind what happened during that storm the last time it was temporarily retired; it was a mess. Buying a boat is no small investment and that alone is reason enough to seriously consider rethinking the protective cover portion of the plan before just installing the usual. Instead of a frame with tarps, a snap cover, or other option, it is time to examine shrink wrap as an alternative.

The best method for covering the boat while not being used is addressed in the last phases of a pre-storage plan but should be a top priority; it is crucial to choose one with optimum overall performance. Shrink wrap works differently than other covers in several ways: air tight means that it does not become loose in high winds or by falling debris, so no moisture is getting in and neither are pests. Rain, snow, leaves, twigs, and all sorts of critters will not be able to sneak around this barrier to hunker down and cause damage to the boat’s interior or electrical wiring.

Shrink wrap gives boat owners options to further protect their investment by extending the cover down the sides of the hull, preventing UV, salt, wind, or other damage and if requested, installing a zippered entryway for access to do maintenance or repairs onboard if needed. More coverage helps prevent frequent paint jobs and extends the life of the boat by maintaining solid integrity over more of the exposed surface. Vandalism is not the first thing that comes to mind when developing the storage plan but shrink wrapping further down where other covers may stop short, can be a huge plus in the event that the boat is chosen as a canvas for graffiti.

Shrink Wrapping is the way to go

Simply stated, a specially designed material is draped and secured over the boat and carefully shrunk down to every contour and shape to create an airtight barrier against damage during times of storage; and that’s a wrap. The end result is literally a shrink-wrapped ship. The benefits of this option can make all the difference when the time comes to remove the cover and prepare for launch. Taking the right precautions beforehand means an easier transition later and in the long run, many more moments of happy boating.